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Make That Chosen Exercise FUN and EXCITING

September 6, 2017 No comments

Practical tips for how you can make exercise more interesting

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Let’s have a recap. What are the benefits of exercise? Well for starters, it keeps you off that couch you’re treating as a throne. Seriously, though, exercise protects you from medical diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis. It also improves your mood, increases your energy, jump-starts your sex life, and helps you sleep better. These are just some of the benefits. There are many more. Though sometimes exercise can be boring and it can be hard to stay motivated. That’s why we’re here today. We’ll tell you how to make it more fun, motivating and exciting.

  1. Train with a buddy. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that if you exercise with a friend, you tend to exert more effort and time into your routine. Why? It boils down to emotional support and a little of the psychology of competition.

    Hey, we’re talking about someone who can lift your spirit or boost morale here. So don’t bring someone who makes negativity as normal as breathing, okay? You can also try a close family member. It’s difficult to cancel on your exercise appointment when you’re aware that your friend is already waiting for you.

  2. Listen to Britney Spears workout songs while exercising. We just wanted to get your attention. You can listen to anything you want as long as it motivates you to exercise. It doesn’t have to be Britney Spears.

    According to psychologists, it’s a well-established fact that music and exercise go together. Music renders you numb to fatigue and pain, lifts your mood, and enables you to increase effort despite awareness of decreasing energy. So take advantage of it!

  3. Give yourself a reward ONLY after you finish the exercise. We’re referring to non-edible stuff here wise guy. First of all, after you finish your exercise, bask in the rush of elated feelings that accompanies the after exercise phase. The appreciation of those feelings can seal your commitment to exercise and also serve as a form of internal reward.

    On the outside, your reward can range from a new list of songs on your smartphone, movie, massage, hot bath, or any other little thing you enjoy except food. After accomplishing bigger goals in your exercise plan, you may escalate to bigger rewards, like a new pair of running shoes. Hey, but that’s further down the line. RUN FIRST.

  4. Incorporate the use of fitness gadgets and fitness applications while you exercise. Being a non-techie person isn’t an excuse. Most of those fitness gadgets like Jawbone Fitness Trackers are no-brainers. All you do is strap them to your wrist.

    Various fitness applications are free and ready for download on your smartphone. According to one study, fitness trackers keep your goals in mind and your body in constant motion. You can track your progress and motivate yourself to exercise well within your target heart range for your age. Fitness applications record a variety of essential numbers (number of steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, etc.). Your cardiovascular system will thank you for it.

    A gaming application like Pokémon Go can make your exercise interesting and even boost your energy levels according to a recent study. But please watch the road and be aware of your surroundings. Better yet, go to the park. Picaju will be waiting for you there.

  5. Set your goals. Some people are hesitant to write down their fitness goals in fear of not accomplishing them. We’re not talking about other people’s fitness here. We’re talking about yours. It’s your chance to produce a BETTER and HEALTHIER you at the end of your goal. They’re your goals, and nobody can convince you otherwise.

    You can write down your goals on paper if that helps. Some people even post it on their wall or timeline. Whatever your canvas is, make it a point to achieve what’s written on it. But remember not to be too hard on yourself.

  6. Mix it up and try something new. I don’t think there’s much to elaborate on here. Discover a new sport or try out something you’ve always wanted to try when you were younger. You’ll never know your full potential and capabilities until you try it out for yourself.

The Bottom Line

Give your couch the much-needed rest and recovery it deserves. You don’t need to be overweight or have diabetes or any other medical condition to start exercising. You can simply start being healthy (Now!) and keep it fun all the way using the practical tips above. Exercising doesn’t have to be boring. Make a choice and a commitment to keep it fun.

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