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Enterococcus Faecalis Safety

September 15, 2009 No comments
There has been a bit of discussion about the strain - Enterococcus faecalis. This page is here to assure you of the safety of this strain and help you understand why there has been controversy regarding it. Firstly - let me point out that Enterococcus faecalis is on the approved starter culture list with Australian Quarantine. The Australian regulatory services are very stringent and take a "guilty until proven innocent" approach to therapeautic goods. While this is good for the safety of products entering into Australia, they do not recognise approval elsewhere ( such as FDA ) - and this makes it difficult if there are new products on the market for the end consumer to benefit , unless the manufacturing companies decide they want to invest large sums of money getting the goods approved ( which sometimes involves flying TGA staff to the manufacturing plant for inspection). In most cases it is perfectly legal to import goods for personal use that contain ingredients not on their "list" - if there are any ingredients on their "banned list" - I can understand why it is not ok to import them. We do not sell any products with ingredients on their "banned list". Conclusion: Enterococcus faecalis is on the approved starter culture list with Australian Quarantine ( as well as the FDA etc ) - and should be regarded as safe. Some sites also quote the Canadian government as having banned Threelac and then post links that go nowhere in particular to the canadian government site. Well you can see a link HERE. Please note that it says "Normal inhabitant in the intestinal tract".

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